WooCommerce Roles permission

WooCommerce Roles permission simplifies the user management of your store. It allows you to assign and switch the roles automatically by applying the condition. The initial category assignment can be a high authority role. Rules for users’ roles are based on four conditions. product type, category order amount, total shopping amount. By using User Role Editor WooCommerce you can set the time period on rules and you can automatically change after a defined time period. one of the features includes you can cancel the assigned roles and explain the changes with custom reasons. It also gives you the option to switch back to the previous role. When you change the user role it also notifies you via email. Users and admin have the access to view the role changes history.

WooCommerce max quantity in cart allows you to control the distribution of your products by adding cart limitations. It includes the features when a customer reaches the max cart quantity that stops them from adding a new product or replacing the product with new products. It focuses on producing quality items, not quantity.WooCommerce limit cart Quantity includes the features for customers to replace the first or last cart items. It also controls the timing of restocking inventory.

It gives you the option of customizable messages to communicate when a product is replaced due to cart restrictions. personalized cart limit messages are also available which helps customers know why they cannot add more products to their carts.


WooCommerce Shop as  Customer lets you access the front of your store as one of your customers. It gives you the option to create an order on behalf of your customer. You can also collect orders by phone or email. WooCommerce Shop as  Customer records the orders that are collected via phone and email. It also gives you the feature to view the customer’s login history details. You can use the offline payment method for orders. It also has the features to switch between the admin and customers view modes when required.


WooCommerce Custom user roles allows you to assign and switch the roles automatically by setting the condition. Assign a user group to new customers instead of assigning to admins performing a large task later. You can set criteria for user role switching and gaining.WooCommerce shop manager role gives you the option to change or assign new roles based on four conditions. It gives you the option to apply rules for specific period by selecting a start and end date. It gives you the feature to set the duration of the role to check the user engagement and response.It also gives you the option to return back to the previous role and it sends an email notification to the user and admin when the user role changes.


Custom User defined pricing for WooCommerce empowers the shoppers to name their prices. It gives you the option to set minimum and maximum price ranges and allows customers to pay what they are willing to pay. You can restrict the product order quantities based on customer price. WooCommerce User defined price

 redirects the customers to the cart and checkout page from the shop page. It also gives you the option to track your sales to know which sort of amount price shoppers are willing to pay. It also gives you the feature to hide general and sale prices from the product and shop page.

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